We weren’t born with roots..

Get out from your house, your job, your life. Get out and see the world. The breathtaking beauty of the ever-changing landscapes before us.

Book the ticket.

Get on the plane.

Soar through the clouds. Watch as they so effortlessly float, as you imagine their softness, fluffiness, suspended amongst the clearest of blue skies. Rays of moisture beaming down upon the Earth. As you fly lower, the bluest ocean appears, so pristine, the ripples of waves just noticeable from the window. Cliffs arch high above the water, the waves gently splashing along the edge.

Go on adventures.

Climb the highest mountains.

Trek across the sand.

Because when you reach the top, the most spectacular view awaits. Mountains dense with the greenest bushland, enveloping the sea. The sunshine glimmering and sparkling like tiny stars across the water.

Yachts on the water, the material possessions of those fortunate enough to spend their days afloat. But I don’t know, do they see it? Do they see the natural beauty that surrounds them? Or do they no longer see it, because they are playing life safely from their cabin or deck, gently rocking bath and forth in the comfort of the bay.

I want to climb mountains, I don’t want to play safely. I want to visit new places, see new things, exlpore new surrounds, cultures, languages. I want to appreciate the complete magic of nature, to marvel in it’s perfection.

To feel both tiny and large as I look out across the vast blue sea or a magical purple sky and remember just how magnificent this world is.

We only have one Earth. Respect it. Value it. Appreciate it. Live it.

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