About Me

Hi! I’m Ashleigh.

I’m an Australian teacher on the trip of a lifetime. In 2018 I made the extremely quick and least thought out decision of my life, to give up my teaching job as a Preschool teacher in rural SA, and move to the land of ‘a cup of tea and a scone’ aka the United Kingdom.

Safe to say, it was the best least-thought-out decision I have ever made because this adventure is UNREAL. What’s the best thing about teaching in the UK? 12 weeks of holidays per year, where I get to jet across parts of Europe in a flash and explore what this amazing world has to offer.

I hope you enjoy this snippet of my life, where I say goodbye to the kids, put away the pencils and writing books, and drag out my suitcase ready for another whirlwind adventure!

I will also be using this platform to share my creative writing Words by Ashleigh, and available for purchase as Digital Prints through my online shop WordsByAshleigh on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy reading.